I can work with an already conceived concept or from total silence. If it’s the latter, the message of the piece of art is a specific message and tool of guidance for the recipient, which has the property of awakening suppressed authentic expression by dissolving illusion/distortion in areas where there’s blockages related to unresolved trauma, belief systems, programming, social conditioning, etc. In either case, these are the price rates:

  1. Unlimited Potential (Photography + Poetry) = USD 50.00
  2. Parting the Veils (Photography Only) = USD 30.00
  3. Tones of Revelation (Poetry Only) = USD 20.00

Send me an e-mail to describing the idea you have in mind and which type of commission you would like to receive from me. Payment is made in advance via PayPal. All further details are to be discussed by e-mail.


One of my long-time dreams is to make a poetry book out from scratch. To not only to write the words, but to create an alchemical equation of all its components that could leverage it into a piece of art that allows the reader to have a timeless and wholesome experience. I’m still unsure as to when I´m going accomplish this, but as soon as I am able to put my heart into it, I’ll be posting it here.


As suggested by some of you, I’ll be making Wallpapers available for free. I’ll be working on them soon and will let you guys know once they are ready for download. ♥